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PLA plastic is a very interesting and controversial subject streaming throughout the internet today. With so many different opinions, it was a bit challenging to construct a quiz that would give you a healthy insight as to what PLA is. With this vast outlet of opinion differences, many of the answers below can be held in opposition largely depending upon the source. However, once you move to the answer page, I encourage you to view the "source" and do additional research if desired. click here to see our composting test video

What does PLA stand for? 

Poly Active Acid
Polylactic Acid
Polylean Acid
Polymere Acid

What is PLA?

A plastic substitute made from fermented plant starch
A plastic substitute made from fermented whole grains and seeds
A plastic substitute made from fermented mushrooms
A plastic substitute made from fermented silkworms

What is PLA most noted for being?

All of the above

Approximately how long will it take PLA to breakdown in a "controlled" composting facility?

45 days 72 days 90 days 90 days

Analysts estimate a PLA bottle could take anywhere from ____ years to decompose in a landfill.

100-1000 200-1000 300-1000 400-1000

What are bio-based plastics?

Plastics made from plants
Plastics made from renewable resources
Plastic made from natural resources
All of the above

What is the name of a PLA manufacturer?

Organic Plastics Nature Works Green Nature Plastics Miracle Plastic

Can recyclers mix PLA with other plastics?

Yes No

What identifying mark does a PLA compostable cup have?

Recycle symbol chasing arrows
Printed green band
A PLA Logo
A symbol showing a compost facility

A 100% compostable product is certified by?

Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
Compostable Products Institute (CPI)
Certified PLA Plastics Organization (CPPO)
Institution of PLA Plastics, Inc.

According to ASTM D6400 and D6868 compostable plastics must meet the following three criteria:
American Society for Testing and Measurement

Compostability Degradibility Disintegration
Composition Biodegradation Degradation
Biodegradability Disintegration Eco-Toxicity


"The time is always right to do what is right." Martin Luther King Jr.

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